Fiat Ducato best-selling commercial vehicle in Europe

The Fiat Ducato turns 40 this year and has always been one of the most valued commercial vehicles in Europe for its versatility, engine power and lower costs. In 2020, that reputation was rewarded and the Ducato became the best-selling light commercial vehicle in all segments in Europe.

150,000 copies sold
A volume increase of 7.6% led to approximately 150,000 copies sold – more than 1250 of which in the Netherlands – and a market share of 20.5%. Production of the Ducato began in 1981 in Sevel (Società Europea Veicoli Leggeri – European Light Vehicle Company) in Val di Sangro, and continues to this day. It is located in Atessa (CH) and is the largest factory in the world producing medium to large vans.

With its front-wheel drive, load volume and versatility, the Ducato revolutionized the large van segment 40 years ago. Over time, the Ducato has gradually evolved into the benchmark in its segment that it is today. In fact, it is a trendsetter that is produced in more than 10,000 variants and sold in more than 80 countries. The wide range of body versions and the efficiency of the chassis have made the Ducato the number one for special vehicles and for motorhomes.

A golden combination
The Ducato has not only been the leader in its segment since 2014 and the best-selling light commercial vehicle in Europe in 2020, it is also the undisputed leader in the large van segment in 13 European markets and is the only one specifically made as a motorhome base. In the past decade, some 500,000 European families decided to travel in a Fiat Professional Ducato motorhome. This is due to the wide range of body styles, the square shape of the cargo area, the efficiency of the engines and the way of driving, almost like in a passenger car. The Ducato basic vehicle for motorhomes has been designed and developed in collaboration with the largest European leisure vehicle manufacturers.

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